About two months ago, the benevolent souls at Motorbooty magazine sent several copies of our new issue to the Reader, hoping for critical hosannas or at least a well-aimed missive. Among countless other gut-busting gems, the issue features a parody of Apple’s well-known “What’s on Your PowerBook?” ad. The parody lists a number of hypothetical selections from the Word 5.0 directories of boho harlequin Henry Rollins and the president of Imago Records.

Needless to say, the Reader’s parody of the same Apple ad in its year-end opus [December 23], this time using Michael Flanagan and Steve Albini, was like a fat lump of coal in our collective Christmas stocking. The Reader’s naked heist was not only of the concept that Motorbooty had so painstakingly borrowed from Apple, but also of many of our jokes.

So to all those Reader readers who enjoyed the idea behind the PowerBook parody but wondered why it just wasn’t funny, the lesson couldn’t be clearer: buy Motorbooty, “The Better Magazine,” available at fine retailers everywhere or by mail. Send $3.50 to Motorbooty, P.O. Box 02007, Detroit, Michigan, 48202. And to the Reader, the lesson should be equally unambiguous: make up your own jokes, or at least be more subtle in your piracy.

Rob Michaels

Contributing Editor


Todd Savage replies:

Pardon me, I must be telepathic. I’ve never laid eyes on Motorbooty.