To the editor:

In general I think Jonathan Rosenbaum is the only movie reviewer I can trust, but I am glad I decided to see Antonia’s Line despite his negative review. I never saw any evidence of the “feminist rage . . . to the exclusion of most other concerns” that Rosenbaum describes. Instead, I saw a gentle, pastoral movie in which women are strong characters, men (for the most part) are decent, single parenthood is depicted in a positive light, and both straight and gay relationships are celebrated.

Utopian? Perhaps. But rage-filled? No. Director Marleen Gorris’s vision is about more than just getting revenge on men (and I’m not denying the movie has a few evil males who get their comeuppance). It’s about creating a space (in this case, Antonia’s farm) in which women are not humiliated, shamed, prevented from getting an education, or denied reproductive choice. Some might call it rage, but I find it refreshing, especially with movies like Girl 6 and Leaving Las Vegas out there to choose from. I would urge everyone who suspects that cinema can do more for women to see Antonia’s Line.

Lynne Nugent