To the editors:

I have a few thoughts regarding Bill Wyman’s gross misunderstanding of Nirvana’s In Utero record [Hitsville, October 8].

(1) I don’t think the band’s “clanking, screechy, tuneless, pointless” songs are as Wyman states “painful attempts to maintain its alternative [God, I hate that word] credibility.” Difficult music is rarely made on purpose, it just happens. I don’t think Cobain hates his audience, I just think that he doesn’t want to pander to them. It’s not his fault Wyman doesn’t like a song unless he can whistle along with it.

(2) Regardless of what Wyman says, heroin use does not play into the making of a record, it just makes you sleepy. Romanticizing doesn’t make it cool. Maybe Bill should shoot up a few times and try to make deadline, see how prolific he really becomes.

(3) Yes, it has been a few years for Nirvana to grace us with new material and we were all anxious to hear it, but because it’s not Nevermind II doesn’t give dim bulbs like Wyman reason to dis it . . . and besides, Bill, what makes you think Nirvana, or anyone else for that matter, needs your fucking approval?

Stephen Schmidt

N. Milwaukee