[Re: Post No Bills, April 14]

Dear Mr. Margasak,

WBEZ doesn’t play Cecil Taylor or Milford Graves.

B-96 doesn’t play Roni Size or Luke Vibert.

Q101 doesn’t play the Sea and Cake or Belle and Sebastian.

WXRT doesn’t play Ryoji Ikeda or Labradford.

And there’s no Santa Claus.

WNUR (89.3 FM or www.wnur.org) plays the sort of music that you and the gentleman from Little Italy seem to want to hear. Other similarly minded Chicago stations include WZRD (88.3 FM) and WHPK (88.5 FM). All three stations feature live in-studio performances by musicians of all genres.

Of this very subject one local jazz musician recently advised: “Go where the love is.” True that.

Eric G. St. Clair

Charming Host, Airplay

89.3 FM WNUR