You know, you’re right. Your front-page article about the convicted murderer, and how he should be let out of jail already, really made a good argument [“No Mercy,” February 16]. I mean, after all, why should he have been put in jail at all? Why not just put him in a program for murderers, a few hours per week, and they could be talked to gently and counseled with understanding and sympathy, and I’m sure they’d understand that what they did was bad, and they wouldn’t do bad things anymore. What a horrible experience for him, to have his civil rights so egregiously violated, practically his whole life ruined. All he did was murder a man who was stupid enough to not be carrying a gun also. It was really the victim’s fault for not even arming himself. He’s the one who should be put in jail.

Editors, you’ve reached a new low, to devote the hundreds of column inches you did arguing that this scumbag subhuman should be let out of jail. If there were true justice, he’d have been executed long ago.

Matt Ebner

W. Fletcher