To the editors:

I did not see the article in the Reader of August 25 on William Heirens, and, to be quite frank, I am very glad that I didn’t. One of my relatives was one of his victims, and every time I hear or read that he is being considered for parole, I become very paranoid. He performed some very brutal murders, but now seems to think he should be allowed to become a part of society again as a normal functioning person in a new community. I have a young niece that I treasure very much, and I don’t care to see the same thing happen to her or other beautiful young ladies that happened to Suzanne Degnan. His is one instance where I am delighted to spend my prison tax dollars to keep someone behind bars. It’s only too bad that he was given a NO-PAROLE life sentence. He should have been put to death for his crimes at the time he was sentenced. His family was so embarrassed by what he did, that they had to change their name and move away from Chicago in order to become disassociated from him. (Did Mr. McClory happen to find that out about his past while investigating this story?!)

J. Wollenzien


Robert McClory replies:

Nonreader Wollenzien is an ideal representative of those who made up their minds on the Heirens case long ago and then permanently locked them shut.