To the editors:

Re: “Fetus Abuse,” letter by Dan Kuhn, September 29, 1989

Good, pious, philosophizing men like Dan Kuhn turn reality on its head. For all his yearning for the utopian society in which abortion will be unthinkable, and his hand wringing over the torture of “aborted children,” real women who have to actually exist in this hostile real world might indeed find Dan Kuhn and his ilk to be right there at the source of inhumanity.

In case anybody else is actually that mixed up, there is no such thing as an “aborted child.” A child is someone who is born, not a cell or unit of cells or even a fetus. A fetus is never a child. Abortions are performed usually on EMBRYOS, which do not have little arms nor do they have little legs nor do they emit tiny screams when they are removed from the woman in whose uterus they might happen to be. But this very woman is often a child herself, and often emits horrific screams, when her abortion is self-induced or performed illegally. There is also no such thing as embryo abuse. A woman can, and so very often is, abused; so is a live and real child. This is a social act, an act of control and misogyny. An embryo feels no pain. Honest.

We, too, feel it would be great for this society of ours to get to the point where abortion operations are unthinkable. And that someday could be today! It wouldn’t take much, just the legal and widespread distribution of RU 486, perhaps even some decent birth control, too.

It’s these noble guys who really should be somehow magically transformed into pregnant-very-much-against-their-will women, with no money and no support system . . . just a knitting needle or a coat hanger handy. Let him then talk of violence against women and “their unborn children” in one breath. Let him then speak so lovingly about the day when we “welcome all unborn children.”

The root of this kind of thinking in which Dan Kuhn indulges is woman hating, pure and simple. Of course it’s not only men; quite a number of women clearly buy into patriarchy with a most incredible vengeance. But for all the talk about saving mothers from abuse, the Dan Kuhns of this world are laying down the crimson carpet for the massive intensification of women’s suffering, mutilation, and slaughter.