To the editors:

Your scathing review of LUCKY PETERSON was quite a testament to your narrow, white intellectual view of the Blues [“Blues in debasement” by David Whiteis, December 15]. I’ve come to expect your worshipful, biased, gung-ho affection for the “elders” and “traditionalists” in the music, but this article was an affrontery.

The Blues is not a museum piece but a living art form, fast and furiously changing. The younger musicians are bringing to the music a wide spectrum of individualistic, stylistic interpretations, knowledge of various musical styles and musical expertise.

I shudder to think what your view of Charlie Parker’s expanding of the harmonic spectrum would have been had you been a contemporary.

The founding fathers of the Blues dared to strap on electric instruments, incorporate various rhythms, made personal statements, and gave us their unique visions.

Let the Blues breathe and grow!!!

Those that CAN–play! Those that CANNOT, become critics!

Joanna Connor