The Chicagoland Bicycle Federation [“Where Would Jesus Park?” by Tasneem Paghdiwala, June 22] can ask the churches to contact the local Chicago Public Schools. The schools often allow church parking in their lots on Sundays, as they are closed anyway. If this cannot be worked out for every Sunday during May through October, it could still be once or twice a month. The churches and the CBF and the schools could work together to say this is a “Healthy Chicagoans” program. The bicyclists have their boulevards and the church members agree to walk from local schools during the nicer weather months. Church members who cannot walk would be dropped off at the church with other members parking their cars. Rainy days could possibly get the bicycle thing canceled in the morning with church officials being notified. The mayor and aldermen could get in on the use of schools as promoters of health, both spiritual and physical. They can encourage citizens to go to church and get out on their bicycles on Sundays. It could also be promoted as a “family” thing.

Jerry Miller

Little Village