Dear Reader:

I hope Studs Terkel’s Hot Type fantasy (April 17) about being appointed publisher of the Sun-Times comes true. In addition to upgrading Garry Wills and downgrading George Will, he should kick out Dennis Byrne, Tom Roeser, Robert Novak, Arianna Huffington, and especially that reactionary Uncle Thomas (as in Clarence) Sowell, who replaced the great Molly Ivins.

The Tribune also has swung further to the right. That was shown when it replaced liberal-moderate Ellen Goodman in favor of the disastrous Linda Bowles, who has been called the worst Tribune columnist in recent memory, who in turn was sacked for the equally Republican Linda Chavez.

Personally, I experience the effects of the rightward swing. An editorial letter writer since 1938, my radical viewpoint has been published thousands of times, especially when Chicago had four major newspapers besides the Near North News, the Reader, the Defender, and the underground press. Since coming to Chicago in 1953, I would say that a letter a month appeared in either the Sun-Times or the Tribune. How many have appeared in the last 18 months? Four.

Hank Oettinger

W. Grace