I am glad to hear so many of those Chicago “New Wave” rockers are still rocking (“Never Say Die” 2/25/2000). I was in the audience the night Desmond opened for John Cale at Gaspars (at West Armitage). Though ostensibly a Cale crowd, Desmond won the crowd. When he sang Barrett Strong’s “Money (That’s What I Want),” money is what he got. Dozens of crumpled dollar bills flew through the air and landed all around the stage. During a guitar solo Desmond picked up a couple of dollars and put them in his mouth and chewed away. Before resuming the vocal he spit the wet dollar bills into his hands and slapped them over his eyes. The bills stuck, and George Washington glared out at us where Desmond’s eyes should have. It was hilarious; it was ludicrous; it was transcendent; it was rock and roll. The best.

Peter Erickson

W. North Shore