Dear editor:

If Sarah Downey wrote this same story for the Tribune in 1998 (as she points out in her article), why is she rehashing this “old news” today (five years later), and why is the Reader running it on page one like it was some hushed-up crime, only recently discovered? This incident received a ton of publicity and notoriety when it occurred; a number of people were disciplined by the Chicago Police Department after this incident occurred. True enough, it was a tragic incident (crime), involving a police officer, but he’s been tried and sentenced through the courts, and received a lengthier sentence than most DUI drivers whose negligence causes death or great personal injury to others. There are other aspects of this case that disturb me, mainly the telephone threats received by witnesses to the accident. There wasn’t much info on how much investigation was conducted by the Elmwood Police Department to determine who made those calls, and whether or not anyone was charged with that. Surely the Reader and its editorial staff can find something more current to run with on their weekly page one.

Name Withheld