To the editor, regarding “Cat Fight,” 8/27/99:

I was sickened by the attitudes of Mr. Sarraj and Ms. Melvin. The tortured life of a terrified cat played a supporting role to political BS and whining. This story is not about any person (typical human arrogance). It is about millions of stray cats who live in terror every day because of these two people and millions like them. Unneutered/spayed cats, Mr. Sarraj, lead to millions of strays. Releasing a cat in a dangerous park, Mrs. Melvin, to “picnic” out of garbage cans and wander “lots of territory” is hardly “saving its life.” It is killing the cat by disease, stress, accidents, and/or the actions of sadistic people. What happens to the cat when winter rolls in? There are shelters and individuals who will take in any cat and nurture it until adoption.

Now, to Linda Kagan, who qualified “I didn’t mean shoot to kill” with “shoot to maim”: what is wrong with you? I’ve seen a cat that was shot in the spine with a BB gun, left alive to drag the paralyzed lower half of its body on the ground. Don’t ever do any cat a favor by “just” maiming it! I beg everyone to read The New Natural Cat by Anitra Frazier to get a true understanding of these beautiful and misunderstood creatures. Cats do what they do to survive–not to “terrorize” or annoy. That is our selfish and uninformed interpretation. Cats are put in such life or death situations by our actions, so we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Christine Huddle