I was sunbathing on the beach pier in Rogers Park when the confrontation between Craig Greenman and the beach mates developed (July 24). I had already that day gone for a couple of free-form style swims (about 50 yards each). I didn’t understand what the big deal was about.

I got off my blanket and walked to the end of the pier.

“Is the guy drunk?” I asked a guard.

“No,” she answered. “It’s the heat.”

I looked at Mr. Greenman. He stood arms crossed and expressionless in the cool, calm lake water. I then queried, “Is he by himself? Where are his friends? They shouldn’t be letting him take this thing to far.”

“His kind,” the lifeguard commented, “has no friends.”

I pondered that and went back to sunbathing.

Thank you for the August 13 Neighborhood News. It explained a lot. The swimming protester, Mr. Greenman, is a philosophy student. He obviously believes, “I think, therefore I cannot sink.”

Peter Erickson