My, Michael Miner is touchy these days (Hot Type, “The Lost Decade,” March 17, 1995). Miner’s spunky defense of The Brady Bunch Movie and its smug, self-referential stupor wallows in hapless generational cliche. Myself, I grew up in the 70s and, admittedly, a whole bunch of its pop culture detritus still warms my heart. Still, I won’t smear my adolescence by granting The Brady Bunch unassailable iconographic status. (Not talking about my generation.) Miner missed the point of my brief review containing almost nothing about overarching cultural theses–which was simply that The Brady Bunch Movie is a bad movie. If Mr. Miner wants to shepherd his brood to the movies to blow $7.75 a pop on another toothless Viacom product line extension, bully for him. Hey, Mission: Impossible is just around the corner.

Ray Pride


Michael Miner replies:

$6.50. Sometime we’ll discuss the correlation between how you watch a movie and what you had to pay to see it.