Dear Reader,

Bob Mehr’s piece on the HotHouse was an incredibly sad story [The Meter, September 22]. The catastrophic breakdown in communication between Horberg and her board means a creative exile for one of Chicago’s true treasures.

No great culture exists without context. Horberg’s unyielding passion enriched many of our lives immeasurably by providing a stage and an audience for music that had been otherwise ignored in this town. She is an artist in her own right, a visionary impresario whose dedication and persistence yielded a magical crucible where music, art, politics, and community came together in a unique kind of alchemy. That’s not only what Marguerite did–it’s also who she is.

Whatever went down between her and the board is unfortunate to say the least. The rest of us will celebrate the gifts Marguerite gave us and hope and pray that she will rise again.

Stuart Rosenberg