To the editors:

My visceral reaction to the Reader’s April 23 story on Aaron Freeman was one of sheer contempt for this seemingly handkerchief-headed, watermelon-slurping, hamboning Uncle Tom. A closer analysis of the article, however, revealed to me causal factors for his unabashed Stepinfetchit-like persona.

Freeman displays a profound racial inferiority complex, not only in this article, but also during live performances, as well as when he has appeared on television programs such as John Calloway’s show. His nonstop self-deprecation is not an act, but rather an apologia for fate’s cruelest blow, making him black. Hitler would be more comfortable at a Jewish Defense League conclave than Freeman would be with a group of ordinary black folks.

This explains his gleeful acceptance of being called a nigger and the pronounced preference he has for being in the company of Caucasians. I have no doubt that Freeman’s friends and associates concur with my assertions. I sincerely hope that this letter will motivate him to acknowledge his problem and seek psychological counseling.

Larry Tyson