To the editors:

As the person who assigns theater critics for the Reader, I think it’s time for me to say–as clearly and unequivocally as possible–that no letter, no tactic, and no body is going to make me stop sending Tom Boeker out to review shows for this publication.

Boeker has my confidence and my respect. He speaks truthfully, with passion and coherence–expressing a vision not only about the theater but about theater as a reflection of and a force in the world. He’s also fun to read.

But even if he were just some hack with a talent for pissing people off, I would never condone–much less go along with!–any attempt to squeeze him out through intimidation or blacklisting. The anonymous assholes who’ve written in threatening to humiliate or boycott Boeker are spiritual kin to the asshole fanatics who want to murder Salman Rushdie, and I’ll see them in Shiite hell before I’ll let them tell me what to do.

Anthony Adler