To the editors:

Well, the “Help Stop AIDS” ad [Section Three, April 21] is the largest in Adult Services this week! Does this fact make you feel better about taking money from companies that peddle sex on the phone and otherwise?

The Reader is seemingly unconcerned about using its ad space for pimping and sexual exploitation. You claim to be socially conscious, yet you openly condone prostitution. Very feminist of you. Prostitution is illegal and degrading to all concerned–including those who advertise its services.

So what’s next? Can I place a personals ad requesting that people come to me for their heroin or cocaine? Better still, how about a display ad? It would certainly line your pockets better than a small personals ad. And, you know, it’s the Reader’s next natural step.

You’ve got a great paper. I never fail to pick it up each week. But I think your greed and poor judgement is getting in the way. These ads seem to me to be the result of unprincipled judgement by someone in your advertising department.

Carol Fischer