To the editors:

Jonathan Rosenbaum has mainly done well at the difficult task of filling Dave Kehr’s shoes as film critic for the Reader. We can still count on you to regularly provide intelligent interpretations of current cinema.

In his recent review of Midnight Run, however (July 22), I wish he had spared us from ploddingly recounting the evolution of his thoughts (“. . . Here is the review I started a couple of hours after seeing Midnight Run . . .” “. . . When I wrote the above . . .”). To take it one step further, he might have let us in on where he was doing his writing, what he was wearing, the weather conditions, etc. As readers, we’re interested in the expertise he can bring to film analysis, not in how he goes about doing his job.

My unsolicited advice: keep up the good work, Jonathan. But keep your eye on the ball.

S. Williams