Ref: “The Mayors Race” 11/17/95

To the people of Gary, Indiana, I say, it’s about time! Congratulations Scott King. Black politicians are being zapped in their empty heads for their insulting assumption that they will have our vote because we are in their debt by virtue of skin color. If she/he brings only racism as reason for our vote he brought nothing and will take everything. If you let him have it. Empty-headed blacks fell for the hate-filled rhetoric of the self- and media-proclaimed black leaders and have been led straight to hell. It has taken over 30 years, but finally some are awake. The first thing that came to mind when I saw your article was its contrast with Washington, D.C.’s mayoral election, which bears out the old saying that hate kills the hater. To their detriment, blacks in D.C. decided that their mayor should be a man with no respect for himself, his family, the laws he pledged to uphold as mayor and citizen, and he was a demonstrable lecher and dope fiend to boot. But he was black! They wanted to show their children and the world that you stick with your own no matter that he treats you with contempt. They got who they wanted. And they and their children now live in a town that can’t pay repairs on city equipment, can’t keep toilet paper in the toilets in city buildings but hires cronies and screams racism at other Washington politicians because they won’t give him more money to carry on that travesty. WAAAAH! Congratulations people of Gary, Indiana.

Maryanne Burgess

W. Ainslie