Dear Ms. True:

In the May 14 City File column Harold Henderson used a quote from my article in the April American Institute of Architects Chicago Focus magazine.

Mr. Henderson’s presentation of a quote from architect Bill Roden Hornoff under the heading “One more endangered skill” misrepresented the nature of my article on intelligent modeling for architects and misrepresented Mr. Roden Hornoff’s comment.

The presentation in the City File column made it appear that the use of advanced software programs eliminates jobs of draftsmen. Instead of endangering draftsmen, intelligent modeling allows motivated professionals to achieve more business success. Anyone interested in maintaining a professional job needs to maintain current skills. Those who don’t maintain professional skill levels risk losing their jobs.

The attempted cheap joke at the expense of Mr. Roden Hornoff’s comments stands to diminish the leadership role of progressive architects and demonstrates a lack of understanding of true technological impediments in the industry. It is not surprising Chicago has a bad reputation for promoting technological advancements when its publications don’t represent the true nature of advanced systems on society.

If you want to laugh at technological foibles in society, continue pursuing the lack of efficient technology systems in the Chicago building department. This may result in more appropriate amusement than misrepresentation of an architect who is working to advance his profession.

Mike Bordenaro

N. Winchester