To the editor:

Kudos to Robert McClory for his excellent profile of the inspiring Kathleen Kelly (“War on War,” December 15). In a time of year when many mouth platitudes about “Peace on earth, goodwill to all” it was timely to see a story about someone who truly embodies that spirit year-round in everything she does.

However, I feel I must correct a mistake in the article. McClory states, “The well-organized SANE-Freeze movement, which opposed the U.S. arms buildup in the 1980s, is now extinct, but a coterie of smaller organizations persists, including Illinois Peace Action . . . ”

In fact, SANE-Freeze changed its name to Peace Action in 1993, so we were never extinct. (Our executive director, Kevin Martin, can be seen along with Brad Simpson of the East Timor Action Network behind Kelly in the inset photo on the cover.)

We certainly do persist in our work for nuclear disarmament, stopping the global trafficking of conventional weapons, and slashing military spending in order to meet human needs. Indeed, Illinois Peace Action is still our state’s largest peace and disarmament group with over 2,000 members and ten local chapters.

Readers who are concerned about these issues can contact Illinois Peace Action at 202 S. State, Suite 1500, Chicago, IL 60604, phone 939-3316, or E-mail

Peter Hickey

Membership Director

Illinois Peace Action