Dear eds:

Thank you for Jeffrey Felshman’s fine piece on the slow demise of Booksellers Row [January 14]. These three stores play an important role in the fond memories of thousands of Chicagoans. It is with great regret that we say good-bye to Booksellers Row and other great shops sacrificed to the big box superstore homogenization of America.

Reading the obituaries of bookstores and similar beloved emporia seems to be an all too regular occurrence these days. I’m grateful to read these tributes, but I’d also like to see articles about similar stores before they go out of business. Perhaps such stories would help them stay healthy enough to keep their doors open.

As an example, the store I work at, City Newsstand, is in no imminent danger of going out of business, but stores like ours are a vanishing breed and have a hard time competing with the full-page buying power of the major chains.

Mike Oelrich


City Newsstand

4018 N. Cicero