To the editors:

Last week, in Bill Wyman’s story on WLUP [Hitsville, October 23], he called Steve Dahl “witless.” WHAT?? First of all, it’s not just Steve; he and Garry Meier, FOR 13 YEARS, have been a stunning departure from the typical, sound-alike crap you can hear on most other stations! How in the world can Wyman call Steve witless–every day, Steve & Garry come up with four and a half hours of completely original radio; and when they’re not being hilariously funny, they’re insightful, challenging, controversial.

Hey, Wyman, how about acknowledging the fact that Steve was the first person in Chicago to start fund-raising efforts for the public schools’ extracurricular budget? If all of this makes Steve, in your words, a “dope,” I’d hate to see who you consider to be smart.

Al Ribskis

W. Diversey