The caption for the photo in last week’s story on Black Sphota Cocoon had the subjects reversed: Arie Thompson was on the left and Kim Crutcher was on the right.

Also, Gene Callahan, a longtime aide to Senator Alan Dixon, called to inform us that in the second part of our recent story about the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (February 11), we incorrectly reported that he’d worked for Waste Management. Wrong Callahan. But he’s used to it. In the past he’s also been confused with a Gene Callahan who worked for Congressman Morgan Murphy and another one who worked for the Catholic Interracial Conference. When that Callahan’s photo appeared on the front page of the Tribune, an aged aunt called our Callahan’s father to say, “I always knew Gene would make good, and he’s such a handsome boy.” Sorry, Mr. Callahan.

The editors