To the editors:

The attractive thing about Chiropractic [June 28] is that all one needs is an inexpensive office, a receptionist, a few gizmos around to give it a professional look, and you’re in business . . . a Doctor of Chiropractic. No nurses and expensive staff to pay for, no expensive equipment, and probably above all, no expensive malpractice insurance.

Chiropractic has cleaned up its act considerably in recent years, but it wasn’t long ago that they attempted to treat anything and everything. And often with tragic results.

Every physician has ended up with the results of Chiropractic treatment. Being from a Medical family, I remember very well my father’s, grandfather’s, and uncle’s skirmishes with Chiropractic. Chiropractic “patients” were cultivated with a constant barrage of antimedical and antipharmaceutical propaganda until they became a cult of “True Believers.” The mood within the Medical Profession became one of resignation . . . that Chiropractic took the lunatic fringe patients off of their hands. Until, of course, their quack therapy failed to cure the cancer or appendicitis, etc, etc and a physician was called in at the last minute to try and save the patient.

A few years ago, just for the hell of it, I went to the Chiropractic College in Wheaton for some treatments. I received some adjustments and was prescribed some concoctions out of a health food book. It was harmless enough as I had really nothing wrong. The students were bright and sincere and what was touching was that they obviously wanted to be Medical Doctors. They wore the white smocks and ran around calling each other Dr. so & so. Many of them would probably make good physicians and it’s too bad that there isn’t a way to get them out of this bullshit therapy and into legitimate medicine.

It’s curious that the AMA has become the bad guys when in truth they have been the only ones in the forefront trying to contain the Chiropractic nonsense. Through persistence and the efforts of their “True Believers,” Chiropractic can now call themselves Doctors and are legitimized for insurance claims. Now, of course, they have their sights on Hospital privileges. Needless to say, this would be a disaster for the Health of this country.

Wake up out there! The AMA is not your enemy. The AMA and the FDA are about the only ones working to protect the public from spurious therapies and health scams. They could use your support.

James Beebe