“Radical Without a Cause”???????? Young Chairman Fred is “A Radical With One Hundred Million Plus Causes”!!!! You are a “Newspaper Without a Clue”!!!!!

Your article of July 10 reeks of the racism that permeates this country, and is irresponsible journalism at its worst.

Since you seem to be living under a rock, I will name some of the causes Young Chairman Fred has, before and after the brutal murder of his father by Hanrahan and Chicago police, as ordered by J. Edgar Hoover and the American government.

Murdered by America:

One hundred million Africans during the Middle Passage!!!!

Millions more during your “peculiar institution” (slavery).

David Walker–murdered for speaking out. (One of many.)

Nat Turner–lynched for fighting back. (One of many.)

Malcolm X–murdered for speaking out. (One of many.)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.–guess you’ve heard of him. (One of many.)

Emmit Till–13-year-old child, lynched, 1950s. (One of many.)

Medgar Evers–murdered for registering Africans to vote. (One of many.)

Garnett Johnson–burned alive, beheaded, July 1997, Elk Creek, Virginia. (One of many.)

James Byrd Jr.–dragged to death, 1998, Mississippi.

The list goes on and on!!!

Brutalized by America:

Tawana Brawley–teenager brutally raped by cops. (One of many.)

Marcus Garvey–crushed for raising Africans up. (One of many.)

Fannie Lou Hamer–brutalized for registering Africans to vote. (One of many.)

Paul Robeson–crushed for speaking out. (One of many.)

Jeremiah Mearday–teenager brutally beaten by cops. (One of many.)

Rodney King-brutally beaten by cops. (One of many.)

Lenard Clark–youth beaten into coma by white men. (One of many.)

Abner Louima–sodomized w/plunger by New York’s finest.

The list goes on and on and on!!!

Each and every one of these American atrocities are connected. If you understood this politically, you would never had made such an asinine statement as “radical without a cause.” Our cause is that we (African people) have endured hell, chains, murder, beatings, rape, the selling of our babies, we have even suckled your babies. STILL–WE HAVE YET TO CIVILIZE YOU!!!

Momma Geronimo