To the editors:

Regarding your recent article on the Peoples Gas explosion [November 12]:

Does Peoples Gas want to know what happened–does the government? The answer is no. Peoples is in the business of making money. A recent Crain’s Chicago Business article said that of around 400 claims against the company, over 300 had been settled–settled without knowing the cause. Therefore, of what use is the truth? Understand that this is only the writer’s observation, not my belief.

Then there’s the victims. If they waited for the cause to be found, they would be waiting for their settlements. Once they got paid, of what interest is the incident’s cause to them?

When the victims don’t care, would the government?

I have repeatedly stated what I believe is the cause (sabotage), and this was as welcome as a poor relative.

Paul F. Masching

N. Damen