To the asshole [Peter Margasak] who wrote the “preview” of hHead and the Hip [Spot Check, March 31].

Who the hell do you think you are? How do you write a review of a concert you haven’t even seen yet? How could you relate the Hip to Moxy Fruvous and the Barenaked Ladies? (There is NO relationship between those two types of music!)

I heard your review on 102.1 CNFY in Toronto. They said that even some Americans called in and said you were wrong. They obviously appreciate good music.

I have to wonder if you listened to the right album while writing your comments. Day for Night is an incredible album. Just like the Hip’s past albums–Road Apples, Fully Completely, Up to Here, the list goes on.

The review was an insult to all of Canada. We all love the Tragically Hip’s music. I hope you receive shitloads of mail telling you how much of an ignorant comment that was.

Tragically Hip fan

Hamilton, Ontario