Dear editor:

I am offended and appalled that authors Futrelle and Tanenbaum [“Reading: The Feminine Mistake,” July 22] would waste their time reading, reviewing, and discussing Georgette Mosbacher’s so-called self-help book, Feminine Force.

First, I have heard her speak–this spring at a women’s business owner’s luncheon. She was a bomb (actually more like a boob, but that would be sexist). Granted she pulls no punches when she says her lipstick, mascara, and manicure are her most important accessories. But she is nothing more than an opportunist with ovaries. She has married well and “up” and without a man’s money she’d still be a waitress in Indiana. She is not what feminism is about. She is well packaged–a true marketing package.

Perhaps because she used her feminine wiles she feels successful. But all women know the easiest way to get what we want from a man is to lay down. Hell Rhett, Scarlett did it a time or two! But please don’t put Ms. Mosbacher in the same category of women who make it to the top, on their feet, with their brains.

Kathy Tauber

W. Ainslie