Dear Editor,

I don’t know where Jeff Huebner (“The Panic in Wicker Park,” Aug. 26) learned of my affiliation with the Artemisia Gallery, because it was nowhere mentioned in my letter to the Chicago Tribune which he quoted from in his article. The “we” I referred to in the Tribune letter was NOT Artemisia Gallery or its members, but those whom I identified as “artists, writers, musicians, actors and independent business people of Wicker Park for whom public posting is the only form of advertising we can afford” and who were angered over Kenneth Corrigan’s “removal of posters from the light pole on the street in front of the store.” My comments on the Bookseller’s Row row were not in any way connected with the gallery, as the article seemed to imply. (Actually, I am a past co-president of Artemisia, not “president.”)

Mary Ellen Croteau

N. Troy