To the editors:

As publishers of an anarcho-syndicalist journal we were surprised, to say the least, by “Anarcho-Syndicalists for Evans” (Letters, March 31). Anarcho-syndicalists certainly support recycling, better education, and a worker-controlled economy (as part of efforts to build a free, self-managed society). But these cannot be won by supporting politicians, whatever their stripe. Real social progress requires that working people organize in our communities and on our jobs to win better conditions here and now (and ultimately to take control and run them in our own interests). This world has been run by the bosses and politicians for too long, it’s time for a change in management.

Anarcho-syndicalists know better than to put our faith in politicians. Working people get only what we fight for and win ourselves. Politicians are only out for power, they couldn’t buck the big money interests even if they wanted to. (Those who question this should consider Washington’s record: Did the homeless get houses? Did the unemployed get jobs? Did the bosses stop busting our unions, cutting our wages, and poisoning us on the job and in our communities? Did the police stop harassing poor people or blacks?) People working together can indeed make a difference, but only if we recognize that our strength lies in our organization, and our willingness to act for ourselves.

Jon Bekken

Libertarian Labor Review