To the editors:

In regards to your recent cover article on Thomas Sheehan’s heretical view of Christianity [April 21], I would like to make two simple points, and leave it to others to completely refute in detail Mr. Sheehan’s distorted argument against Jesus as the Anointed One of God.

1. Archaeological investigations during the course of the 20th century have consistently supported the historical accuracy of both the Old and New Testaments. As archaeologist Nelson Glueck has written: “It may be stated categorically that no archaeological discovery has controverted a biblical reference.” And he states that scientific investigation has revealed “the almost incredibly accurate historical memory of the Bible, and particularly so when it is fortified by archaeological fact.”

In short, scriptural truth is not, as Sheehan claims, merely metaphorical, but historical. You can accept it or reject it, but nevertheless, science has repeatedly given legitimacy to Biblical claims.

2. During the three years of his public ministry, Jesus Christ was unequivocally rejected by the learned, by the scholarly, by the academes of his day. It was, in fact, his very claim to be the Son of God that led them to condemn him to death.

At the same time, he was lovingly embraced by the unschooled poor of Israel and eventually the gentile world. The humble, whose hearts were open to the promise of the Father, were not blinded by the kind of arrogant, all-knowing pride that passed for wisdom among the Sanhedrin of Israel and Imperial Rome.

Times have not changed. Mr. Sheehan and many of the hierarchy of the Church are simply modern-day Scribes and Pharisees who, because they have personally rejected the transforming power of faith and are spiritually dead, feel a compulsion to blindly strike out at those truths that can no longer save them from themselves.

The reality of the resurrected Christ, an historical fact attested to by as many as 500 eyewitnesses, represents the single pivotal event of history. As the Sanhedrin and the Romans both failed to kill the truth forever, utterly failed to keep Jesus in the grave, so too will Mr. Sheehan and his colleagues fail in their attempt to kill the risen Christ.

Those who are humble in spirit will never stop loving the lord of truth.

For those who wish to better understand the sound basis of scriptural teachings, I sincerely recommend Josh McDowell’s landmark work: Evidence That Demands a Verdict. It is a clear and intelligent analysis of Biblical claims written for those who want more than blind faith to support their yearning to know the God of the universe.

Dan Plovanich

N. Greenview