Too many weeks had gone by without Bill further shoving his shoe down his throat. I was beginning to wonder. Maybe he’ll accept his formidable limitations and just write about ticket scams from now on! But no, he’s too big an asshole for such realizations, as evidenced by “The Godfather of Junk” [Hitsville, by Bill Wyman, March 22]. Maker of Major Statements, indeed!

Whine-man whips himself into another droney tantrum about one of rock ‘n’ roll’s icons–Lou Reed. Trotting out yet again one of his favorite targets–elder rockers–we get to hear more of his self-cherished, simplistic, hollow, and dopey theories about music. Like “an ineluctable process that sees new generations disposing of their elders in order to” blah, blah, blah . . . Dozens of 1995 top-ten lists were populated with over-35 rockers, and have been for years.

Lou Reed has survived because he can write songs and has a gift with language. I’ve never heard him posit himself as a great lyricist. Furthermore, he couldn’t give a fuck about useless hacks like you–“Senator, you polish a turd.” Get it, Bill?

Maybe what really bugs you is that he’s contemptuous of parasitic maggots who live off the underbelly of the music and need Reeds to write about.

Marc Antal

W. Warner

PS: How come this “ineluctable process” doesn’t work on overblown, pinhead rock critics that need to be disposed of ?