To the editors:

The inherent inconsistencies of the death penalty, which all too often lead to wrongful executions, were intelligently and appropriately conveyed in the Reader’s July 28th article, “A Capital Blunder.”

In this case, two men sat on death row in Illinois for four years. During their trial, a lack of evidence strongly suggested that the men are innocent and, at the very least, failed to prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In addition, another man confessed to the crime.

These men have been moved off death row, but others like them wait to be executed. Ronald Monroe is scheduled to die in Louisiana on August 30 for the murder of a neighbor, Lenora Collins. No weapon, fingerprints, matching blood or other forensic evidence was found to implicate Monroe, who has no prior history of violent crime. In addition, Collins’ ex-husband, who has been convicted of murdering another wife, has since confessed to the murder.

Like the Illinois case, these facts strongly suggest that Monroe is innocent, and at the very least show that he has not been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, as required by law. Despite a recommendation by the Louisiana Pardons Board that Monroe’s death sentence be commuted, Monroe is still scheduled to die. Because Louisiana’s Governor has not acted on the case, you can help stop this wrongful execution. Write to: The Hon. Charles Roemer, Governor of Louisiana, State Capitol, Baton Rouge, LA 70804. For more information, contact Amnesty International at 427-2060.

Marjory Byler

Midwest Director

Amnesty International USA