I read with deep interest your articles on sustainable agriculture, CSAs, and Farmer John Peterson [January 20]. I write regarding Timber Creek Farms Organics in Yorkville, Illinois. Timber Creek has been delivering USDA-certified organic food to people’s homes in a 100-mile radius of Chicago year-round for over 15 years. Somehow we flew under your radar!

We bring a slightly different offering to the table, since not everyone is in a position to make a subscription investment: i.e., you can order from us on your schedule, and there is no minimum order or sign-up fee. We also sponsor school fund-raisers and other events. We offer USDA-certified produce, milk, meat, and frozen and bakery items, and we’d love to say hello to your readers.

Thank you so much for all the work you put into this important emerging story.

Rita Frueh

Vera Videnovich replies:

We didn’t include Timber Creek Farms because it’s a distributor rather than a CSA, but interested readers can check out the company’s Web site at tcforganics.com.