To the editors:

I am an avid reader of the Reader, I have enjoyed the section with the Silver Screen reviews.

I was a tad put out when I read the short blurb given on New Jack City. Below you will find a copy of a movie review written by the undersigned.

New Jack City

The story of drugs in the Big Apple.

All of the characters are seriously real here, Wesley (Mo’ Better Blues) Snipes plays Nino Brown, the Godfather of the Black drug world, his organization (CMB-Cash Money Brothers) is run only by him with the help of some intimidated friends. He has all the right moves when dealing with his business partners and customers, brute force.

Ice-T plays a streetwise cop who knows the neighborhood and would do anything to get Brown off the street. He is teamed up with Judd Nelson’s crazy motorcycle cop character and they hate each other, to start with.

Put together against their wills the cops do whatever it takes to try and pull down Brown.

Several scenes will work against the grain of your moral judgment when most of the business is being done and the drug addicts pack a real wallop when the clinic scenes are shown. Kind of makes you want to find a junkie and slap him into submission.

The taking over of the apartment building is real to me because I know an area like that where I grew up and the people are practically held hostage day and night in their homes. They have not glossed this over or pumped it up for the movie, there are actual neighborhoods like this in these United States.

To give credit where credit is due, Mario Van Peebles has learned his father’s craft and learned it well. Camera angles couldn’t be better, color is perfect and the dialogue has that regular touch to it. Nothing is really contrived here.

I like violence so the shooting and beatings didn’t bother me, there are only two sex scenes and they involve the two main CMB brothers with the same woman at different times.

The courtroom scene should open the eyes of some of the lawmakers in the system, justice is not served or even helped to the table when drug dealers are allowed to walk the streets in less than 48 hours after being put behind bars.

Ms. Assistant DA smokes when she is given a chance to, but that part is so short, it is very noticeable that girlfriend’s character should have been developed just a tad bit more.

The music tracks laid are right for the times and most of the cuts have relevant lyrics.

Watch for Flavor Flav in the club doing his usual ham up job.

Rating: ***

Frankie H. Fitch

W. Winona