Dear editor,

Once again the Reader has shown its anti-Roman Catholic side. Cecil Adams’s Straight Dope article on Islam along with its cartoon [June 6] is rabidly hateful and xenophobic toward Roman Catholics. It seems that it has become commonplace in the Reader to spew hate against Roman Catholics whenever possible. I’m sure if Adams was writing an article on Hamas, he would still be able to throw in something and make Roman Catholics look worse.

I consider the Reader to be a liberal and Democratic publication. This should indicate that the paper should be tolerant and free of hate baiting. It seems that may be true, but not when Roman Catholics are concerned. Why don’t you just leave the Roman Catholics alone? To put it in simpler terms for the intelligent and educated people you always pretend to be: just fuck off!

Joe Goral


PS: Besides the above problem, I like your publication.

Cecil Adams replies:

I like a man with a sense of perspective. But if you’ve been reading the Straight Dope for any length of time you ought to know we don’t discriminate against particular groups. We piss off everybody.