To the editors:

I was sitting in a bar the other night, and someone said to me, “Did I read the slam review of the Goodman Theatre’s new show Book of the Night in Lewis Lazare’s column [July 5]?” Well, the first thing that came to mind was that, I knew old Lewis was Chicago’s very own Hedda Hopper, and now he’s become a critic as well? I was so excited, because that meant that anyone could become a critic, so I thought that even I could become one. After all, I have actually done quite a lot of theater, and I have actually worked on my share of new and original scripts, so, why not me? And here it is.

I thought that Book of the Night was wonderful. The music, the staging, the directing, the lyrics, were exceptional. I haven’t seen a cast that worked so well together in 100 minutes in a very long time. Everyone did a great job. I’m not saying that it was perfect (what ever is), but it is damn good! What was even more impressive was the fact that here is a theater, the Goodman, one of the largest in the midwest, actually having the guts to take a chance. Giving money to develop new work and giving it the chance to live on a stage. To me that is the greatest accomplishment any theater can achieve. And we definitely need more of that from the larger theaters. I would like to say that I think everyone that supports theater should go and support this new and innovative show, because that is what theater is all about–creating, developing, watching the growth of the “new.”

That is my review, short and sweet, but I do have one other thing to say. . . . Lewis Lazare. . . . get over yourself buddy.

Kate Buddeke

W. Addison