To the editors:

So the Associated Press is going to bat for us all (“War Stories,” Hot Type, August 2) against the Pentagon’s restrictions on the press? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The AP–let’s see; isn’t that the agency that picked up a CIA feed, ran it around the world out of its Hong Kong bureau, and provoked Daniel Schorr into denouncing then-President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua in an op-ed column for the New York Times? Schorr’s column circulated widely before the deception was found. The story, a fabrication, reported that Ortega concurred with China’s brutal crackdown on anticorruption demonstrations in and around Tiananmen Square. Very odd that a reporter in Hong Kong should know about sentiments back in Managua.

Schorr retracted his statement (I’m not sure if he was shamefaced; he spoke on National Public Radio), but the New York Times, despite appeals from FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting), has refused to print an apology, a correction, or anything else.

So the AP (the establishment press) is going to talk to Defense Secretary Cheney (the secret government): on behalf of whom? I don’t trust the information I get from either one.

Connie Hall

W. Albion