To the editors:

For the past two and one half years, I have been working to introduce Americans to a new way of thinking, something we call “communitarianism.” Several score newspaper articles and magazine pieces have been written on the movement, which includes an action group (the American Alliance for Rights & Responsibilities) and an eclectic band of intellectual warriors who work out ideas in the journal, The Responsive Community.

I won’t describe our movement in this letter, because the best explanation which exists in print, bar none, was Harold Henderson’s piece in the July 17 issue of the Chicago Reader.

I didn’t necessarily like everything I read in the article. It gave equal time to critics, including those who are afraid that our quest to restore a balance between rights and responsibilities will cause a slide down the slippery slope to authoritarianism. But it was fair and it was clear.

Anyone who wants to break out of the conventional debate of left versus right, liberal versus conservative, anyone who is open to the possibility that communitarians offer an alternative, cannot do better than to start with your article in the Reader.

Nice job.

Roger Conner

Executive Director

American Alliance for Rights & Responsibilities