To the editors.

Re: Kim Villanueva letter, 12/23/88

“Let’s stop pandering to archaic notions about women,” pleads Illinois NOW “Action V.P.” (!) Kim Villanueva in her attack on Matt Freedman’s “You Are a Centerfold Sex Object” cartoon in the 11/25 Reader. Good to know that there’s one archaic notion that Villanueva has brought back to vibrant new life for our time: that the women’s movement has no sense of humor. I guess Ms. Action is just too brain-dead from parroting phrases like “insults women” and “packages women for sale” and “it’s the sexualized abuse of women” to realize that maybe, oh just maybe, Freedman might have been on her side in the first place, using satire to make the same point Ms. Villanueva and her ilk make through tiresomeness. But god, what would I know, all men are rapists anyway, right?

Michael Gebert

N. Racine