To the editors:

After reading last week’s Letters section (“Local Zeroes,” 10/20) I felt it was my moral, ethical, and “civic duty” to write in to defend my and my friends’ films against the hateful and unjustified letter you printed. Coming from a paper with some of the best film critics in the city, if not the best critic in the nation, I was shocked you would print such a childish and appalling attack which has nothing to do with the intelligent film criticism which graces your pages, or any film criticism for that matter. Since the Reader never reviewed this shorts program, and I highly doubt the person who chose to print this letter had seen it either, it is an embarrassment beyond my powers to describe why the only coverage you would print would be an editorial interested only in recklessly bashing our films. For a paper known for its extensive arts coverage to print a letter of this type in lieu of an actual review on any event is an unfair, unethical, and disgusting practice.

While I can look past the contents of the letter as one person’s opinion, what I find inexcusable and utterly deplorable is the glee you seem to take in printing and endorsing it (particularly evident in the title you gave it: “Local Zeroes”), which is nothing but cruel and malicious. A zero is someone who does nothing and accomplishes nothing. Whether you like what I made or not, I produced a film and had it shown at a major festival thus accomplishing what I wanted to accomplish. If making work I’m proud of and accomplishing my dreams makes me a Zero, I hope I never become a Hero in your eyes.

Justin Krohn