To the editors.

The “Hot Type” defense of Kay Thompson in the Oct. 7 issue of the Reader is a classic example of the arrogance and ignorance that plagues the White Liberal mentality.

The fact that Ms. Thompson was once married to a black man is offered as prima facie proof that she could not be prejudiced against latinos.

In offering this lame excuse the Reader totally ignores the significant differences that exist between the black and latino communities.

Finally, the statement demeans white women and recalls one of the most vile slogans of the 1960s which went; “The role of white women in the Black Revolution is on their backs.”

If marriage to a black man makes one a liberal; is it safe to assume that casual inter-racial sex makes one at least a Democrat!

Richard M. Aztlan

W. Winnemac

Michael Miner replies.

Mr. Aztlan is obviously thinking of a remark made by Stokely Carmichael at a 1964 staff retreat of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee: “The only position for women in SNCC is prone.” Though remembered, this pronouncement hardly became anyone’s slogan, and Mr. Aztlan presents it embellished interestingly by his imagination. In accusing me of demeaning white women, that same imagination is working overtime.