To the editors:

Re: review of Robert Longo exhibition at M.C.A. by O. Evan Lewis [March 30]

After reading your review of the Longo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, it’s amazing that you’re allowed the forum to print your misunderstandings. I will not be specific in addressing your failings as an observer. Suffice it to say that your concern for craft, and comparisons to traditional aesthetic formulaic rules are the blinders you’ve chosen for interpretation. Anyone who read your review having an understanding of Longo’s work could only laugh at the apparent lack of research and an open set of eyes.

Mykl Ruffino

W. Belden

O. Evan Lewis replies:

It does not suffice to say that a concern for craft and aesthetics are blinders. This kind of statement carries weight only when it’s backed up with an argument, which is precisely what I do when I write criticism. Mr. Ruffino is correct about my research. I don’t review books about artwork; I review the works themselves–after scrupulous observation and contemplation.

As I said in the review, Longo has some good ideas that would have a much greater impact if they were expressed with the necessary level of expertise.