To the editors:

As a working artist I’ve labored in the arts for over 30 years through thick and thin. I’ve watched the NEA and its state acolytes grow ever more pervasive in American culture. The cronyism and the favored few dominate in the world of grantsmanship and most artists will have to compete against Mr. Tresser’s own peculiar brand of political correctness and the cultural “nomenklatura” that he seems to be cultivating [Neigh- borhood News, June 5].

Jesse Helms and the likes of Mr. Tresser really deserve each other. It’s high time artists woke up and realized that by organizing along the lines of Mr. Tresser’s Orwellian little nightmare that they will ultimately become what they say they despise!

In the meantime Mr. Tresser can lick the boots of every candidate that comes along who he thinks can profit him.

Stanley D. Edwards

N. Oakley