To the Letters Editor:

I get the Reader whenever I’m in the city. Recently I read a letter from a Matt Besser describing an incident which took place last year at Wrigley Field [July 7]. He also mentioned something about Jae-Ha Kim.

I like Jae-Ha Kim’s writing because she writes about the artist, not the fact that she’s writing for a big newspaper.

But I’m also curious about Mr. Besser. My parents, who do volunteer work at a senior citizens’ home, asked me to help “chaperone” a field trip for the seniors last summer at Wrigley Field.

While helping the folks on the bus after the game, my mother stopped to watch a street person doing some poetry. My father and I both watched in interest as this man seemed to really get my mom’s attention. About five minutes later a big guy wearing a Hard Rock Cafe shirt (I remember this because that’s what I told the police) started calling the man performing names. Then a friend of the man with the shirt attacked the man performing. I jumped in and tried to push the man’s friend away and received a black eye in the process. Needless to say my parents were very upset, and so were all the old people on the bus.

I never got to talk with the street person, but if Mr. Besser is the same man, I hope he’s doing well, and I want to thank him for what he did for my mom.

John Olsen