To the editors:

Though being an artist myself (a writer) and can empathize with Nan Goldin’s outrage [Hot Type, August 19], I would think that even she is going to an extreme in requesting that Jacek Siudzinski’s copycat paintings of her photographs be destroyed. One, even though they rip her off, I would think that Goldin would want to preserve any and all art forms. Secondly, wouldn’t seeing such detailed reproductions (if TV and Brian are any indication) of her work destroyed, wouldn’t it be like watching her own work actually go under the knife?

A writing instructor I had once said that though two writers may tell the same story, they won’t tell the EXACT same story (something I have really come in contact with). Indeed, Goldin’s Brian in the Cabana differs (albeit slightly) from Siudzinski’s TV. I would dearly love to know what Goldin has in mind: “There are less violent ways to destroy [the paintings]” conjures up a “fate worse than death” vision in my mind.

Willie E. Holmes

S. Saginaw