Dear editor:

In Ben Joravsky’s article “Old Man of the Projects” (Reader, July 3), 84-year-old ABLA resident Wilbur Farley talks about the “beautiful stone carvings of elephants and lions in the courtyard” put there when the complex was built to make it “look nice.” Now they are chipped and peeling, although I believe Mr. Farley and others have repainted them over the years. Those sculptures were made by the famous Chicago artist Edgar Miller, the subject of my article “Always an Artist” (Reader, April 23, 1993), whose works not only adorn north-side apartments but are also displayed at the Art Institute.

Incidentally, I believe that ABLA stands for the four parts of the development: Jane Addams, Robert Brooks (named after a black soldier), Loomis Courts, and Abbott Homes.

Sheila Malkind

Lincoln Park